Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Tag: MasterCard

Razorpay hires MasterCard’s Arif Khan as chief innovation officer

In his new role at Razorpay, Arif Khan will be responsible for building strategies and identifying new business opportunities within the organisation. Read more:

Carolyn Sweeney leaves Mastercard to join The Chargeback Company

The Chargeback Company is appointing former Vice President of Global Chargeback Operations for MastercardCarolyn Sweeney as Director of Global Business Development. Read more:

MasterCard adds fingerprint sensors to payment cards

MasterCard is testing out new fingerprint sensor-enabled payment cards to authorise your in-person transactions. Read more:

Mastercard gets the thumbs up for $920m VocaLink takeover

Mastercard announced its takeover of 92.4% of the company last June before the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) raised concerns about the deal. Read more:

APAC’s unique challenges to SME FinTech

Maestrano discusses the unique and familiar challenges SMEs in Asia-Pacific face when looking to adopt FinTech like the cloud. Read more:

Mastercard targets SME cloud adoption in APAC

Mastercard partners with Maestrano to promote SME adoption of cloud-based solutions in Asia-Pacific. Read more:

Mastercard buys NuData Security for IoT spree

Mastercard will acquire Vancouver-based biometrics firm NuData Security. Read more:

China to secure digital future, Mastercard CEO says

Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga shared how the proliferation of connected devices has opened the door for China to upgrade its cybersecurity. Read more:

Mastercard targets APAC B2B payments

Mastercard is once again expanding its presence in the B2B payments market, this time in the Asia Pacific region. Read more:

Britain to go cashless in 2043?

Britain will be cashless by 2043, according to an online casino. Read more: