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Online lending’s ugly quarter stretched beyond Lending Club

Online lending to US consumers tumbled 34% industrywide from the first quarter as investors pulled back from funding loans. Read more: www.bloomberg.com

Lending Club snaps up Wall Street execs to win investor confidence

Peer-to-peer lending firm Lending Club is bringing new senior staff on board in an attempt to once again win favour with investment banks.

Lending Club’s losses grow as CFO resigns

Following the ousting of its former CEO Renaud Laplanche, peer-to-peer marketplace Lending Club continues to struggle, posting widening year-on-year losses for Q2 2016.

Prosper in talks to sell $5bn worth of loans

Peer-to-peer lending firm Prosper is in talks with a group of investment firms to sell $5bn worth of loans over the next five years.

Why online lenders should become banks

Marketplace firms are lending much less than they did at the end of 2015. Read More: next.ft.com