Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Tag: Kraken

Who’s buying Bitcoin? Demand persists amid fork fears

Bitcoin demand remains strong in spite of concerns that the bitcoin network might split. Read more:

Bitcoin price support weakens in dip below $1,200

After several days of rangebound trading, bitcoin's price took a tumble today. Read more:

Kraken gobbles up charting and trading platform Cryptowatch

Digital asset exchange Kraken has acquired charting and trading platform Cryptowatch in an undisclosed deal. Read more:

Bitcoin wants to go higher

Bitcoin dropped 150 points on Kraken. The question has been asked by several: “Is that it, or is there more of a fall coming?” Read more:

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken acquires Glidera

Kraken accepts five different national currencies and eleven decentralized digital currencies, these will now be available to Glidera users. Read more: