Saturday, June 22, 2024
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FinTech can grow in the UAE by targeting low income people

FinTech companies are cooperating with regulators and cybersecurity experts to develop niche technology for banking, unencumbered by legacy systems. Read more:

BitPesa & BitBond start bitcoin loans to Kenya

German blockchain loans provider BitBond has partnered with BitPesa to facilitate payments directly to Kenya mobile accounts. Read more:

FinTech and M-Pesa – what mobile money means

M-Pesa, the Swahili word for money, has literally transformed the ability for people to work, save, and pay for everything. Read more:

BitPesa nabs $2.5m for pan-African digital payments

Pan-African digital currency payments startup BitPesa has secured $2.5m in a Series A round. Read more:

Mobile banking lifts Kenyans out of poverty

Mobile banking may not be taking off in all corners of the world, but in Kenya, it is having a significant positive impact, with the use of mobile banking lifting 194,000 or more Kenyan households out of poverty from 2008 to 2014. Read more:

Kenyan banks are close to their perfect M-Pesa disruptor

Early next year, Kenyan banks are expected to unveil a digital and mobile money transfer platform to rival M-Pesa’s longstanding dominance as the scramble for cashless payments intensifies. Read more:

Visa to run FinTech bootcamp for African startups

Nest will work with Visa's teams in Kenya, South Africa, and the UAE to coach select startups and make introductions to the continent's financial services firms. Read more:

PE fund backs Kenyan payments firm DPO Group

East African payments processor Direct Pay Online Group (DPO Group) has received an investment from Apis Partners. Read more: