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Three reasons insurance is changed forever

We are entering a new era for global insurers, one where business interruption claims are no longer confined to a limited geography. Read more: insurancethoughtleadership.com

Select the right analytics tool for your business

The Internet of Things is increasingly becoming a disruptive force for many industries by connecting the physical world to the Internet and consequently changing the fundamentals of business models. Read More: iotbusinessnews.com

How blockchain can change the future of IoT

Blockchain will enable IoT ecosystems to break from the traditional broker-based networking paradigm, where devices rely on a central cloud server. Read more: www.venturebeat.com

InsurTech future: can brokers benefit from IoT?

We are about to enter a new phase of growth as every-day devices are connected to the internet in what is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Read more: www.insurtechnews.com

NetScout to move into Big Data analytics with dual July launch

Operators could enable new raft of services and capabilities in IoT era if they can aggregate, analyse and customise subscriber and network data. Read More: the-mobile-network.com

Decentralizing IoT networks through blockchain

Imagine a washer that autonomously contacts suppliers and places orders when it’s low on detergent, performs self-service and maintenance. Read more: techcrunch.com

The policy is no longer the center of the Insurance universe

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the role of the traditional policy by helping insurers actually help you prevent loss. Here's how. Read more: www.digitalistmag.com

IoT, big data and cloud are high priorities for developers

Big data analytics developers are spending the majority of their time creating Internet of Things (IoT). Read More: www.cloudcomputing-news.net