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Hippo insurance opens for business with significant redesign of home insurance...

Hippo Insurance has officially launched in California with the most fundamental redesign of Home Insurance in recent times. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

How insurers can implement tech companies’ tactics

Insurers are rethinking insurance: applying cognitive technologies that understand and reason, improving the way insurers do business. Read more: www.dig-in.com

Is the insurance industry ready for self-driving boats?

Self-driving cars have become a reality, even though their use isn't widespread yet. Can self-driving boats be far behind? Read more: www.propertycasualty360.com

AI and Insurance: exchanging privacy for a cheaper rate

Do you have car insurance? Health insurance? Homeowners insurance? Read more: fintechranking.com

InsurTech industry has grown by 25%

InsurTech is developing quite fast, becoming one of the most booming verticals in the FinTech space. Read more: fintechranking.com

Insurtech: adapting to a new way of looking at insurance

Life- and health-related insurtech startups are entering the insurance marketplace. Read more: www.lifehealthpro.com

Startupbootcamp InsurTech partner with Zurich

Startupbootcamp InsurTech has announced a new collaboration with multi-line insurer Zurich Insurance Group. Read more: www.itij.com

What SME brokers can learn from InsurTech start-ups

At the UK Broker Summit one thing that struck me was the cynicism among some delegates towards the potential for InsurTech. Read more: www.insuranceage.co.uk

How Lemonade delivers instant everything

Daniel Schreiber is the co-founder of Lemonade Inc., and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Read more: www.insurtechtalk.com

Insurance on the cusp of big change?

The insurance industry is often seen as an ”Old Boys Club”, a conservative sector characterised by inertia. Read more: www.thefintechtimes.com