Monday, April 15, 2024
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Why banks should say thanks to FinTech startups

A perfect storm of financial crisis and technological advances paved the way for a flurry of FinTechactivity. Read more:

Rather than copy startups, banks need their own innovation model

A startup throws mud at the wall to find out what sticks, with a 0.002% success rate or less. A corporation makes more planned, but slower, moves. Read more:

Insurance disruption fuelling customer-centric innovations

Driven by the rapid advances in technology, insurers in Singapore have been taking steps to be more customer-centric in an attempt to retain loyalty and attract new policyholders. Read more:

The rise of InsureTech in the age of algorithms

The market is ripe, as younger generations are used to ease of mobile apps and one-click shopping, and they want the same with insurance. Read more:

Here’s how FinTech will impact emerging markets in 2017

Mobile payments, digital wallets, and other forms of financial technology (fintech) have seen widespread adoption in the West, but fintech has a whole new meaning for the developing world. Read more:

InsurTech: A challenge to and opportunity for insurers

The insurance industry has remained much the same for more than a century but technology pushes it to change. Read more:

Harnessing the power of blockchain for public services

Blockchain is the technological innovation behind Bitcoin. What could it deliver for councils and other providers of local public services?