Monday, April 15, 2024
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Banks and FinTech startups: more value in cooperation than rivalry

Call it a priority or marriage of convenience, what seemed unthinkable a few years back is now the most preferred option for both banks and startups. Read more:

Putting the smarts back into travel payments

The latest Tracker features news on new mobile payment efforts from developers around the industry. Read more:

Akseleran launches as Indonesia’s first equity crowdfunding platform

Despite the market inclination towards charity crowdfunding, Akseleran remains optimistic of the business prospect. Read more:

Airpay picks up $3.6m for enterprise payments

Enterprise payments service Airpay has picked up $3.6m as part of its Series A from Kalaari Capital. Read more:

Snapdeal pumps $20m into payments arm FreeCharge

Indian payments app FreeCharge has received $20m from its parent company Snapdeal and announced a new CEO. Read more:

Transactions on Paytm now insured via free insurance cover

Paytm announced a free of cost insurance cover for users’ e-wallets. Read more:

Blockchain startups make final 12 for Yes Bank’s FinTech accelerator

Yes Bank will launch its inaugural accelerator program for FinTech startups today. Read more:

Credy looks to digitize personal lending in India

Lending platform Credy is looking to change the way people gain access to personal loans in India. Read more:

Paytm can be used as a payment channel for digital services

Paytm has now started recurring payments service for the companies working on a digital-subscription model for generating revenues. Read more:

Lack of regulations see bitcoin pyramid schemes rise in India

As bitcoin gains awareness in India, bitcoin-based MLM and pyramid schemes have predictably followed suit. Read more: