Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Investments in FinTech firms at an all time high in India

While size of the target market and scaling up potential are the usual questions asked by investors, unit economics and operating profits are important aspects now. Read more:

Reserve Bank Of India mobilizes blockchain & FinTech initiatives

The RBI has enacted initiatives to address cybercrime as well as the disruptions caused by the emerging FinTech sector, including blockchain tech. Read more:

India’s “MM” raises $15M to expand to new financial products

Fintech companies are beginning to make a significant impact to how people live in Asia. Mywish Marketplaces, one of the more mature startups in what is. Read more:

Wixifi launches Robo-Advisor to manage consumer finances

Wixifi a digital investment management platform that automatically manages your money for you. Read more:

E-payments to be 15% of GDP by 2020 of India

Fuelled by rise in smartphone penetration and adoption of mobile wallets by small offline merchants, the Indian digital payments market is set to grow to be $500 billion. Read more:

India’s LenDenClub streamlines P2P lending platform

Fresh from its seed round,LenDenClub made good on its promise and has launched a new version of its P2P lending platform. Read More:

Prime Venture backs payroll management business NiYo

Prime Venture Partners has invested $1m in fintech startup NiYo Solutions, boasting a novel product which could trigger an instant pay rise for 10...

Bengaluru-based FinTech startup ZestMoney has the answer

ZestMoney enables online shoppers to create a virtual EMI in real-time at e-commerce portals. It conducts back checks before a loan is disbursed by a bank. Read more:

Millennials relying on apps and websites for loans

Many young salaried professionals and students are opting out from borrowing from friends and instead going for a new breed of fintech companies like CASHe. Read more:

FinTech firms are a blessing for small entrepreneurs

Powered by technologies that harness big data, fintech companies are positioning themselves as viable lenders and payment solutions providers with mobile wallets and insta-loans. Read more: