Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Investment advice is ripe for technological disruption

The wealth management industry is at the early stages of disruption, driven by a combination of powerful forces colliding. Read more:

SEC denies SolidX bid for bitcoin ETF listing

The SEC has officially disapproved a proposal by SolidX to list its bitcoin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more:

SEC says “no” to Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF

The US SEC has dashed the hopes of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who were hoping to create an ETF for the virtual currency Bitcoin. Read more:

Bats Exchange is fighting the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF rejection

In a petition to the SEC, an exchange affiliated with a failed bitcoin investment product is pushing back against a rejection by regulators. Read more:

Bitcoin investors are better off without ETF anyway

Bitcoin's price jumped more than $100 on Friday morning, trading above $1300 per unit for the first time. Read more:

SEC expected to decide Bitcoin ETF’s fate by Friday

The SEC's decision on the bitcoin ETF is expected by Friday. Read more:

One of Bitcoin’s big funds is selling ahead of ETF decision

While bitcoin prices have edged up sharply ahead of the SEC's decision on the Bitcoin ETF, one major hedge fund is selling off into the rally. Read more:

Bitcoin exceeds $20bn in market cap

The gains made by bitcoin in its latest bullish run in 2017 has seen the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization now exceed $20bn. Read more:

OCBC Bank partners WeInvest for robo-advisory pilot

OCBC Bank is piloting a robo-advisory service from Singapore FinTech firm WeInvest. Read more:

Bitcoin ETF: A FinTech marriage ready to happen

An innovative marriage that promises to combine two unique “FinTech” concepts—the ETF and the peer-to-peer digital currency bitcoin—looks like it’s finally about to happen. Read more: