Friday, September 29, 2023
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Tag: crytocurrency

Blockchain builder brings protocol to cryptocurrency initiative 

Chain, a San Francisco blockchain company, has joined the Initiative for cryptocurrency & Contracts. With its membership, the firm brings a blockchain protocol to the party. Read more:

Startup aims to garner donations in cryptocurrency for charities 

Cross-Stratum Mutual Community Asia, a UK-based techno-finance startup, has announced its plans to release a new cryptocurrency – the Cross-Stratum Coin. Read more:

Zcash delays untraceable cryptocurrency for audits 

The launch of a new cryptocurrency designed to make real the anonymity once thought to be offered by bitcoin has been delayed. Read more:

BlockPay offers Cryptocurrency and e-commerce solutions

Bringing cryptocurrency to ecommerce is quite a challenge, even though it is possible to integrate solutions through popular platforms these days. Read more:

Coinbase to enable Ethereum Classic withdrawals

Coinbase wallet and exchange users will soon be able to withdraw classic ethers. Read more:

Zurich emerging as hub for FinTech and blockchain

Switzerland, Zurich in particular, is a home to many of the digital currency industry’s leading startups and organizations including Xapo.Read more:

Zurich falls behind in bitcoin adoption

Zurich doesn't have any intention of promoting the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the world, says the City Council. Read more:

Israeli FinTech Hybrid: Another block in the blockchain

The vibrant Israeli FinTech industry generates innovation using Blockchain technology which leaves the regulator no choice but eventually to join in. Read more:

Netki raises $3.5m to expand cryptocurrency platform

Digital identity startup Netki, Inc., which provides secure cryptocurrency payment systems, announced that it raised $3.5 million USD in a seed round. Read more: