Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Tag: Coinbase

Former Coinbase engineer launches Ethereum search engine

A former software engineer for cryptocurrency exchange startup Coinbase has launched a new search engine for ethereum. Read more:

Coinbase to launch an ethereum messaging app

Bitcoin exchange and wallet startup Coinbase revealed a new ethereum messaging product currently in testing today. Read more:

Bitcoin Unlimited reaches almost 40%

Bitcoin Unlimited reached 39.6% over a 24 hour period earlier this week, its highest ever. Read more:

Surfing FinTech: have we reached the third wave?

FinTech has grown to the point that we can now start analysing its development. Read more:

Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam is leaving the company

Former Goldman Sachs trader and Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam is leaving the San Francisco bitcoin startup for new opportunities. Read more:

Is bitcoin unlimited headed for activation?

Bitcoin Unlimited has quietly gained further adoption, a considerable recent increase in difficulty coincides with the entrance of a new miner, BTC.TOP. Read more:

Coinbase CEO: IRS battle could cost startup $1m

Digital currency exchange Coinbase has officially responded to the so-called "John Doe" case instigated in November by the IRS. Read more:

Coinbase’s CEO calls for Segwit activation

Brian Armstrong, CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, has called for the activation of segwit, a controversial protocol update of the bitcoin network. Read more:

Coinbase’s IRS dispute isn’t just about bitcoin

This past week saw yet another move in the ongoing scuffle between the IRS and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Read more:

Coinbase to enable Ethereum Classic withdrawals

Coinbase wallet and exchange users will soon be able to withdraw classic ethers. Read more: