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As bitcoin fees rise, OpenBazaar looks at altcoin payments

OpenBazaar is looking to layer multiple cryptocurrencies into its wallet in the interest of offering lower transaction fees. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

Does regulation slow down or accelerate adoption?

Recently, many countries and cities have published new laws and legislations to regulate bitcoin. Read more: www.bitcoinist.com

BitConnect Coin broke records as it entered the altcoin top 20

New cryptocurrency BitConnect Coin has seen record breaking growth, rising ahead of several more established altcoins to enter the Altcoin Top 20. Read more: bitcoinist.com

BitPesa & BitBond start bitcoin loans to Kenya

German blockchain loans provider BitBond has partnered with BitPesa to facilitate payments directly to Kenya mobile accounts. Read more: bitcoinist.com

Cryptocurrency market cap soars to all-time high near $28bn

A bullish 2017 for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has helped spur the overall cryptocurrency market cap through a series of highs this year. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

Despite reports, India’s bitcoin policy hasn’t changed

Media sources in India reported this week that the government had deemed bitcoin illegal, causing a stir that appeared to be overblown. Read more: www.coindesk.com

As gold supply rises, bitcoin is a better safe haven asset

Gold has proven to be a less efficient safe haven asset in comparison to bitcoin due to its inflationary nature. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

Bitcoin is becoming a hobby for exchange employees

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a notable hobby for exchange traders. Read more: www.coindesk.com

SEC denies SolidX bid for bitcoin ETF listing

The SEC has officially disapproved a proposal by SolidX to list its bitcoin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

A short guide to Bitcoin forks

Don't know a hard fork from a soft fork? This guide is designed to help you follow bitcoin's raging technical debates. Read more: www.coindesk.com