Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Tag: Bitcoin

Blockchain: an experiment in governance without power

Cryptocurrencies aren't just an experiment in monetary theory, but also a radical experiment in decentralized governance, says Ariel Deschapell. Read more:

Virtual currencies unlikely to crowd out fiat

The Swift Institute has published a new research paper analysing whether Bitcoin will crowd out fiat currencies in the global community. Read more:

China’s $285bn social security funds looks to blockchain

China has had a terse relationship with blockchain technologies in the past, though they are warming up to the idea of officially sanctioned blockchain solutions. Read more:

Bitcoin price prepped for bull rally

The sentiment among analysts is that bitcoin is preparing itself for a hefty move in the coming weeks, but still needs a little more time to warm up. Read more:

French bus operator first in Europe to accept bitcoin

A French company has become the first in its sector to set up this type of payment across Europe. Read more:

Japanese Banks Plan Blockchain Currency Exchange

A group of Japanese financial institutions are looking to create a platform for real-time currency exchange services. Read more:

Bitcoin booms in Japanese market

Bitcoin trading is picking up pace in Japan after legislation passed by the government sees public trust improve.

BTC Relay wants Bitcoin and Ethereum to hang out together

BTC Relay is a bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum that allows a user to pay with Bitcoin to use Ethereum. Read more:

Bitcoin & blockchain investment surges to $290m

Investment in bitcoin and blockchain related companies is surging with a new study published Tuesday finally putting a figure to the investment boom. Read more:

Australia post accelerator experiments with blockchain

Australia post accelerator has joined international firms in ongoing Blockchain technology experiments, exploring three potential areas: identity, registries, and e-voting. Read more: