Monday, April 15, 2024
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Tag: Bitcoin Unlimited

BitGo reveals hard fork planning; will not support Bitcoin Unlimited

With a hard fork looming, BitGo, a multi-signature bitcoin wallet, has advised its customers what to do in the case of a new chain. Read more:

‘Bitcoin Unlimited’ solution crashes after bug discovered

A plan to fix bitcoin’s network congestion suffered a setback after attackers used a newly-discovered bug to crash the software. Read more:

Bitcoin Unlimited reaches almost 40%

Bitcoin Unlimited reached 39.6% over a 24 hour period earlier this week, its highest ever. Read more:

Roger Ver will reward miners for supporting Bitcoin Unlimited incentivizes miners to maintain Bitcoin Unlimited with a 10% premium. Read more:

Is bitcoin unlimited headed for activation?

Bitcoin Unlimited has quietly gained further adoption, a considerable recent increase in difficulty coincides with the entrance of a new miner, BTC.TOP. Read more: