Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Tag: Big Data

Ant Financial plans to double-down on blockchain

Ant Financial is planning to increase its emphasis, and use, of blockchain technology in an effort to provide more trustworthy data to its user base. Read more:

Is RegTech the new FinTech?

Machine learning, big data and cloud computing are helping governments and financial institutions transform regulatory practices. Read more:

3 InsurTech forces driving core system strategies

InsurTech startups are leveraging the latest advances to drive fundamental changes to the insurance value chain. Read more:

Startupbootcamp cohort reveals big data as key InsurTech trend

Focus areas reveal key trends and themes for 2017 and beyond, one of which is the more effective use of big data. Read more:

FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turck on the big data landscape

Today, the big data sector amounts to more than 7.5 percent of total venture investments. So where are we in the world of big data, and is the recent obsession with AI still fundamentally related to big data? Read More:

EU financial regulators say more rules are needed for Big Data

Additional rules may be needed to monitor growth in Big Data which could pose security, privacy and accountability risks. Read more:

Business intelligence is making FinTech successful

Fintech is transforming the very nature of how business is being conducted by upping productivity, streamlining our existing financial infrastructure and bringing new services to consumers. Read more:

Big data in financial markets is getting the ‘FinTech’ treatment

Within the silos of incumbent financial services, so-called FinTech companies are good at picking off one thing only and doing it well. Read more:

Big data, big opportunities for insurance

Insurers have to be upfront with consumers that there are risks involved, but remain open about how they plan on using their data - leaving no room for doubt. Read more:

SinoBBD reshapes the Big Data industry

Internet Infrastructure Provider Beijing Big Data Group held a press conference to announce their strategy to build an "integrated" national data center cluster. Read more: