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BofA promises $1.5m for Charlotte FinTech

Bank of America is pumping $1.5m into a FinTech initiative in the firm's hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more: www.finextra.com

How banks use investment funds to spread CRA risk

Banks of all sizes are investing in small-business loan funds to promote economic development while sharing risk. Read more: fintechranking.com

BofA brings Zelle P2P tech to mobile banking app

Bank of America has become one of the first banks to integrate Zelle person-to-person payments service within its mobile banking app. Read more: www.mobilepaymentstoday.com

Merrill’s new robo advisor is out in the wild

The service that combines the online brokerage with advice from Merrill Lynch and US Trust was first announced in the fall. Read more: www.wealthmanagement.com

Bank of America opens branches without employees

Bank of America has opened three completely automated branches over the past month, where customers can use ATMs and have video conferences with employees at other branches. Read more: www.reuters.com

Banks, startups and trolls to duke over blockchain?

Reports came out during the holiday season last year of banks quietly stocking up on blockchain patents, Banks will compete with startups making the same moves. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Do banks belong on Snapchat?

Snapchat, once dismissed as just a sexting app, has become banks' latest playground for connecting with millennials over playful filters, emojis and videos. Read more: www.americanbanker.com

Blockchain patent wars heating up among big banks

Some of the largest banks already involved in blockchain development are now in a race to snatch up patents from the technology. Read more: www.pymnts.com

Goldman, BofA patent blockchains for coming wars

Recently, some of the biggest names in business, from Goldman Sachs to Bank of America and Mastercard, have quietly patented some of the most promising blockchain technologies for themselves. Read more: www.fintechranking.com

Bank of America now lending on Nav

Bank of America will now be providing SME loans and financing services through the Nav platform. Read more: www.pymnts.com