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Visa, Amazon partner to bring better data to B2B clients

Visa and Amazon have partnered together to enable more transparency in transaction data for Amazon Business account holders. Read more: bankinnovation.net

Asian B2B FinTechs raise top VC

B2B FinTechs across Asia secure the most venture capital for their solutions in eProcurement, logistics and SaaS. Read more: www.pymnts.com

eNett adds currencies to global B2B platform

eNett adds new currencies supported by its cross-border B2B payments services for the travel industry. Read more: www.pymnts.com

iWoca looks to grow SME alt lending access

Alternative lending was supposed to be the way SMEs broke through banking barriers to gain access to capital. Read more: www.pymnts.com

Tradeshift debuts Ada, its B2B virtual assistant

B2B eCommerce platform Tradeshift has debuted Ada, an artificial intelligence solution to help businesses collaborate with each other. Read more: www.pymnts.com

Invoice fraud a problem for FinServ

Invoice fraud isn't just a problem for governments - financial services should combat it, too. Read more: www.pymnts.com

Funding Wonder finds regulated crowdfunding

Online crowdfunding portal Funding Wonder has found its first business to use its regulated financing solution. Read more: www.pymnts.com

SAP Ariba pulls bot hype into procurement

B2B FinTech is taking advantage of bot technology across use-cases, from SME banking to accounting. Read more: www.pymnts.com

IndiaMART protects buyer/supplier payments

Digital B2B commerce platform IndiaMART is making a new play for the SMEs that sell and buy on its platform. Read more: www.pymnts.com

PayPal strengthens B2B, e-commerce position

PayPal is strengthening its position within the B2B sphere thanks to a partnership with OroCommerce. Read more: www.pymnts.com