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Four ways big data gives firms a competitive edge

Here are some innovative ways that companies are leveraging big data to gain a competitive edge. Read more: www.techinasia.com

BaaS is becoming the sexiest vertical in fintech

FinTech companies need to focus on making payments work, and by working with a bank, it gets them to market faster. Read more: www.fintechranking.com

First cross-border rewards platform UTU launches

UTU, a cross-border loyalty and rewards platform that enables people to earn and redeem points through their smartphone, launches. Read more: www.prnewswire.com

OCBC Bank first in Asia Pacific for Siri payments

OCBC has become the first bank in Asia Pacific to let customers send cash through Siri. Users can send money with a voice command via Siri, then use the OCBC Pay Anyone mobile e-payment service. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

FinTech, InsurTech and institutions in Asia

Wealth management and life insurance in particular should see an exciting wave of informational startups and business propositions emerge in years to come. Read...

FinTech spurs innovation in Asian wealth management

Fintech Spurs Innovation in Asian Wealth Management. Read more: www.brinknews.com

Welcome to the era of ‘datanomics’

Katsuaki Sato runs a US$200 million company and is a big thinker. He discusses the value of money and the economic revolution that’s just started. Read more: www.techinasia.com

Bitcoin startups want in on $500bn remittance market

Seoul-based KakaoTalk enjoys nearly 93% market penetration in South Korea. The $2.9 billion company made its first-ever overseas investment this spring. Read more: qz.com

FinTech, InsurTech and the millenially-minded

The opportunity in #fintech and #Insurtech is not as young as we like to think. Read more: e27.co

China P2P lending topped $150bn in 2015

The China peer to peer lending market is the largest in the world. One reason this is so significant is the fact this incredible amount of money is driven. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com