Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Australian banks lose bitter battle with Apple Pay

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has denied authorisation for banks to collectively bargain with Apple and boycott Apple Pay. Read more:

Why the endgame for FinTech isn’t all rosy collaboration

Circumventing established parts of the financial system’s “plumbing” such as Visa and MasterCard is hard. Read more:

Apple faces competition in China’s mobile payments market

Dong Ximiao was buying a meal at KFC and pulled out his phone to pay, like everyone does in China, when the cashier asked: “Alipay or WeChat Pay?”. Read more:

Apple Pay debuts in Ireland

Apple Pay is now live in Ireland, almost three years after the service first debuted in the United States. Read more:

A year after launch, Apple Pay finds limited traction in China

Apple Pay is now dominating its home country, the US, but the same can’t be said of China where it is up against a different set of challenges. Read more:

Apple Pay adoption will be more than 50% by 2018

36% of the merchants surveyed had already installed Apple Pay in their store, and a further 22% said that they would be accepting Apple Pay within 12 months. Read more:

Apple hits out at Australian banks over Apple Pay boycott motive

Apple has stepped up its battle with Australia’s banking industry over the future of mobile payments. Read more:

PayPal for iOS lets you send and request money through Siri

PayPal announced that its app for devices running iOS 10 now lets users tell the virtual assistant, Siri, to send or ask other people for money. Read more:

OCBC Bank first in Asia Pacific for Siri payments

OCBC has become the first bank in Asia Pacific to let customers send cash through Siri. Users can send money with a voice command via Siri, then use the OCBC Pay Anyone mobile e-payment service. Read more:

Apple Pay grows 500% year on year thanks to global expansion

Apple’s Q3 2016 results may be overshadowed by its third straight quarter of declining revenue but Apple Pay registered strong growth over the period. Read more: