Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Tag: Alipay

Alipay & WeChat payments have risen to $2.9 trillion

Alipay and WeChat payments have risen from transactions of less than $81bn (RMB 1 trillion) in 2012 to an estimated $2.9 trillion (RMB 20 trillion) in 2016. Read more:

Wirecard, National Bank of Greece partner to intro Alipay

Wirecard is collaborating with National Bank of Greece on a project to integrate Alipay into the technical infrastructure of the bank. Read more:

Ant Financial boosts global reach with HelloPay acquisition

Ant Financial is continuing to make its presence felt outside of the Chinese market with the acquisition of Lazada’s payments arm HelloPay. Read more:

How WeChat Pay became Alipay’s largest rival

In the span of three years, WeChat's mobile wallet has become Alipay's biggest competitor. Here's how. Read more:

Ant Financial plans to double-down on blockchain

Ant Financial is planning to increase its emphasis, and use, of blockchain technology in an effort to provide more trustworthy data to its user base. Read more:

FinTech’s influence in Asian markets grows

Several Asian countries are experiencing a growing effect of the fintech revolution. Read more:

In FinTech, China shows the way

Advanced technology, backward banks and soaring wealth make China a leader in FinTech. Read more:

Ant Financial backs Philippines FinTech player Mynt

Chinese FinTech giant Ant financial is making moves in the Philippines with an investment in Mynt. Read more:

Ant Financial raising $3bn in debt for M&A deals

Ant Financial, the parent of China’s largest online payment service, is seeking to raise less than $3bn in debt to fund its acquisitions. Read more:

MC Payment grabs controlling stake in Alipay acquirer Genesis

Singapore-based FinTech firm MC Payment is buying a controlling stake in Genesis Payment Solutions – a licensed merchant acquirer for Alipay. Read more: