Monday, April 22, 2024


Dating services come between Sofi and bank licence

Social Finance is unlikely to seek a banking license because its involvement in unorthodox activities like dating services would make it hard to win approval from regulators. Read more:

Subprime lender Elevate lands $545m in credit from Victory Park

Subprime online lender Elevate has increased its credit facility with Victory Park Capital (VPC) by $100m to a total of $545m.

FinTech startup scores first bank partnership with DBS

Fintech startup led by two students score first bank partnership with DBS. Read more:

FinTech solutions make small loans more affordable

Small business plays an important role in innovation and employment, so financial mechanisms that make it easier for small business to grow must be welcomed. Read more:

Online lending startups gain more favor from investors

FinTech startups such as Prosper, Branch and LoanNow are rapidly advancing in the personal loan spac as young adults are opting for online services over traditional services like credit cards. Read more:

FinTech startup Moula embarks on major growth plans

Renowned tech entrepreneur Chris Ridd has joined the board of Melbourne-based lending platform Moula to help it transition from a startup into a major company. Read more:

EquiLend buys Automated Equity Finance Markets

Securities lending platform EquiLend has bought Automated Equity Finance Markets (AQS) and its securities lending technology systems.

FinTech lending platforms set for massive rise in revenue

FinTech platform revenues for unsecured consumer loans issued using machine learning technology are set to jump by a whopping 960% globally over the next six year. Read more:

OCBC guides FinTech companies in WM and loan services

OCBC will help pilot three FinTech solutions in the coming months for its wealth management and home loans services. Read more:

New FinTech innovator disrupts real estate industry

A FinTech startup, announced their proprietary SaaS cloud-based service had been successfully engaged to facilitate several hundred million dollars in commercial loan transactions. Read more: