Investment platform raises $500k from Zaffiro Ventures

Mumbai-based seed investment and innovation platform, Venture Catalysts, has raised $500K from Zaffiro Ventures at a post money valuation of $6 Mn. Read More:

Athlete-tracking stock startup Fantex raises $59.3m

Fantex, a provider of tracking stocks on athletes, has raised $59.3m in a private placement.

Fintech, Savings & Investment App Moneybox Raises $1.75m

Moneybox, a London, UK-based savings and investment app, raised $1.75m in funding. Read more:

UBS Head of Trading quits to start FinTech firm

UBS Group head of electronic trading in China, who helped make the Swiss banks equity algorithmic trading strategy among the most popular in China, has left the company. Read more:

Clarus Risk receives accreditation for risk management solutions

Clarus Risk, a leading provider of financial risk management solutions, has been awarded the GoodAccredited Standard 2016 by Goodacre UK. Read more:

FinTech startup aims to help manage retirement income

HelloWallet founder Matt Fellowes says those entering retirement are readier to pay for financial advice than the Millennials most fintech companies chase. Read more:

James Azar founds UK FinTech, P2P Venue, BHNV Capital

BHNV Capital is a venture seed investment fund for both fintech and peer-to-peer (P2P) businesses and technologies. Read more:

AETOS UK Adds ZuluTrade Platform for Social Forex Trading

ZuluTrade adds AETOS Capital Group UK to its list of collaborating brokers. Read more:

TechFinancials reports revenues up 30%

Binary platform provider and operator TechFinancials Inc (LON:TECH) has issued a statement indicating that its 2016 first half results should be in line with expectations. Read More:

FinTech firm reviews tedious bond documents

Financial technology start-up Street Diligence saves fixed-income investors time by automating the due diligence process. Read More: