Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hong Kong banks can benefit from fintech collaborations

Managers can use technology to boost productivity and innovation capabilities of employees. Read more:

Berlin bids to replace London as post-Brexit FinTech capital

From the moment that Britain voted to leave the EU, financiers across the continent began disagreeing on what it meant for Londons banks. Read more:

It’s time for FinTech fight club

FinTech has huge potential. It also has some major problems that are not under control. Problems it doesn’t like to talk about. Read more:

Kingpin in $1m global bank malware ring gets five years in...

A villain at the heart of an organized crime network that stole £840k from victims' online bank accounts has been jailed. Read more:

First “Peer to Peer” Bank Raises $6m In Australia

The world’s “first peer to peer bank” has just departed stealth mode having received a $6 million investment to fuel the disruption of traditional banking. Read more:

DBS Bank to start innovation lab

DBS Bank to start innovation lab and hire over 2,000 engineers in India over next 28 months. Read more:

World’s best cities to launch a FinTech firm

Deloitte published in April an interim report on behalf of the Global FinTech Hubs Federation that measures the FinTech environment in 44 cities. Read more: