Friday, January 27, 2023

FinTech competition is making banks better

FinTech firms' rising influence is prompting banks to make a host of welcome changes, including heavy recruitment of young, tech-savvy professionals. Read more:

Global FinTech funding reached $36bn in 2016

Financial technology companies around the world raised a total of $36bn in financing across over 1500 funding deals from over 1700 unique investors. Read more:

FinTech firms help spur mutual funds

Finnomena will seek more Series A funding in 2017 to expand the business. The company expects to have 10,000 customers with fund investments of 10 billion baht next year. Read more:

Big banks poised to scoop up FinTech startups, report finds

Big banks may have scoffed when a gaggle of financial technology upstarts promised to reinvent their business. Now they want to buy them. Read more:

Why the lack of faith in South Africa’s FinTech prowess?

The fintech market worldwide is in bloom, with 2015 a record year for fintech investing worldwide. The trend holds true in Africa too, with fintech startups on the continent raising over US$55 million in 2015. Read More:

Octopus Investments launches FinTech accelerator

London-based investment management firm Octopus Investments is launching a new FinTech-dedicated accelerator out of its Octopus Labs division.

Chinese consortium launches $1.5bn FinTech M&A fund

A Chinese consortium of state-owned and private enterprises is launching a $1.44bn fintech investment fund dedicate to mergers and acquisitions in the space. Read more: