500 Startups looks to raise another $25m FinTech fund

Early-stage VC and accelerator 500 Startups is raising another FinTech-dedicated fund, according to an SEC filing.

The document shows the California investor is looking to raise $25m for the fund.

This is the same size as the first 500 FinTech fund it closed in June last year.

500 Startups’ approach to venture capital sees it participate in a high number of rounds at a early stages.

Its existing FinTech portfolio includes CreditKarma, Flywire, RealtyShares and Policy Pal.

The firm has also seen exits in the space with BBVA acquiring Simple and Groupon buying portfolio company FeeFighters.

500 Startups said its previous $25m FinTech fund would be used to invest in roughly 100 startups globally in sectors including lending, investment advisory, personal finance management, blockchain, money movement and insurance.

It also said it would accelerate 20-plus startups in California and attempt to bridge the gap between startups and incumbent players.

The SEC filing states that the fund had yet to make any sales for the offering.

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