Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Global banks pilot blockchain-based gold settlement platform

A group of global banks and financial institutions has completed the first pilot of a new blockchain-based gold trading platform. Read more:

Fidor teams with Token for digital payments

Token, a Silicon Valley-based crypto-payment software provider, and digital bank Fidor have signed a memorandum of understanding for digital payments. Read more:

EU financial regulators say more rules are needed for Big Data

Additional rules may be needed to monitor growth in Big Data which could pose security, privacy and accountability risks. Read more:

Profitable payment methods

Merchants can avoid several problems and reduce economic risks provided they ensure this is their core objective from the very beginning. Several factors can be crucial to be for a merchant's success. Read more:

Worldwide financial services and global FinTech

New FinTech companies are springing up around the world and disrupting the financial services sector. Read more:

The rise of InsureTech in the age of algorithms

The market is ripe, as younger generations are used to ease of mobile apps and one-click shopping, and they want the same with insurance. Read more:

Digital-only banks aren’t just for rate chasers: ING CEO

ING has made splashy investments in its digital bank, announcing it will spend about $850m over the next five years to accelerate customer growth. Read more:

Technology trends in retail banking to look out for in 2017

Throughout 2017 and beyond, we’ll see the whole retail banking sector continue to undergo a technology and customer lead revolution. Read more:

WealthTech: a FinTech buzzword overview

WealthTech is a segment of financial technology that focuses on enhancing wealth management and investing. Read more:

FinTech valuations are cooling: accelerator

according to Ben Brabyn of Level39, Europe's largest technology accelerator for finance, there has been a recent cooling of exuberance around fintech. Read more: