Institutional Investor interest is very high

In recent years, institutional investors have ramped up their investments in the renewable energy sector. Renewable assets are no longer regarded as ‘niche’. Rather, they are seen as a sensible component of a well-diversified portfolio. With experience comes confidence and a growing number of investors are keen to explore direct investments.

As renewable assets become a more attractive proposition, Limited Partners are looking to increase the number of relationships they have with renewable groups. They are keen to identify and connect with the most promising fund managers.

Please contact Nadine Kudmany on +44 (0)20 7749 1289 or NKudmany@AltAssets.net to apply for a place.

The most active Limited Partners will attend

The 8th annual Renewables Forum is brought to you with extensive input from members of our global Limited Partner community. A significant number of institutional investors in our network allocate to renewables and believe in the potential of the asset class to deliver real returns despite changing market conditions (political climate, subsidy reductions etc.)

A wide range of LPs who helped create the Forum are already scheduled to attend. Other LPs throughout the world who expressed a strong interest in the sector have been invited.

Virtually all participating LPs already have exposure to the sector and most are keen to invest in new funds over the next year or build relationships with GPs for the medium-term. Many LPs are eager to understand how fund managers are differentiating themselves and many more are open to new GP relationships than any other sector.