1 February 2017




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Registration & Networking Breakfast Welcome Address Introduction: The Global Outlook for Real Estate Investments What are the key trends for real estate investors over the next 5 years? Investor Outlook for 2017: What are the top issues on the agenda for LPs who actively invest in real estate? How are new investors accessing the real estate market - are they too late in the game to guarantee success? Will a new environment of rising interest rates and potential falls in property value over the longer term require firms to take a more creative approach to investing? What are the key attributes to real estate investments attracting LPs? How does Brexit, alongside other European political concerns, affect the strategy of the most active RE investors? Networking Break Presentation: What are the key opportunities and challenges in the German Real Estate sector? LP Strategies - what’s driving the latest approaches? Directs vs indirect - is it too soon prove a clear winner? What are the most important factors when selecting a fund manager? How do direct investors build a successful real estate programme? What do direct investors need to see in order to allocate more to RE managers? Which markets offer opportunities to new investors and why? GP Strategies - performance under the spotlight Specialisation vs generalist – what are the advantages for one over the other? Are core GPs flocking to the opportunistic space or sticking with existing strategies? How can GPs provide better value to their LPs as interest rates rise and prices fall? Which strategies will we see prevail in 2017? Networking Lunch 
How do European investors assess international opportunities? How and why should European investors look at allocating more to the US? Which regions in Africa are offering the best investment prospects and do big cities always mean bigger returns? How is China’s economic slowdown effecting the real estate market? How are international developments impacting the attractiveness of Asia Pacific as an investment destination Distressed opportunities in Latin America – is pricing in countries such as Brazil looking set to establish a bottom? Where are the new hotspots for European real estate? UK vs Continental Europe – how has the landscape changed since the EU referendum? From core, central London real estate to Dublin Multi-family and distressed assets in Southern Europe - where are investors most interested? How will the three core markets (Germany, UK and France) compare in 2017? Could prolonged uncertainty lead to investors allocating elsewhere? US / Middle East / Emerging Markets? Networking Break Why are real estate debt funds on the rise? 17% of Private Real Estate funding was raised in the form of closed-end debt funds in 2016 – up from 9% in 2010. Will this trend continue? How do the various risk profiles compare within real estate debt? What do investors look for in a debt manager? Two-third of debt funds closed since 2006 target the US, whereas only 18% target Europe. Why is this and how can the gap be reduced? Networking & Drinks Reception


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