Will FinTech perish or prosper under President Trump?

The election of Donald Trump and the impending Brexit have created new uncertainties around the fintech industry, one of the best performing industries in 2016. While Trump’s election has been great for financial stocks, especially bank stocks, it has not been so great for the other half of fintech, tech companies. To make things worse, the heart of European fintech, London, has promised to leave the European Union. So in 2017, will the fintech industry perish or prosper? Surprisingly, the future for fintech looks quite bright. As the CEO of a global fintech trade association, I am constantly meeting with the largest and most innovative companies in this space, like Facebook Inc FB, SAMSUNG ELECTRONIC (OTCMKTS:SSNLF), Mastercard Inc MA and others. Executives from these firms paint a very different picture for fintech in 2017 than you might expect, given the perceived geopolitical headwinds. Read more: benzinga.com