Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Tag: Varo Money

Building a digital bank — from scratch

Varo Money CEO and Cofounder Colin Walsh, says that the future of banking, for millennials in particular, lies not in branches but in bots who become money coaches. Read more:

Mobile-only banking startup adds consumer lending capabilities

Varo Money, a mobile-only banking startup, has announced the launch of consumer lending via its mobile app, according to a press release. Read more:

FinTech companies form lobbying group focused on data sharing

A consortium of FinTech companies have formed a new industry group to advocate for allowing consumers to share their financial data. Read more:

Varo Money takes on millennial FinTech services

The bot, named Val, will help Varo customers plan emergency savings, set goals, and provide insights that help them keep track of and control their spending. Read more: