Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Tag: Robo-Advisors

FinTech startup to launch mass market robo-adviser

UK FinTech startup Munnypot has soft launched a robo-advice service designed to cater for the mass market at a fraction of the cost of traditional advice. Read more:

The effect of Robo-advisory on next level independent advice

Aided by robos, advisors will become more like today’s doctors, analyzing information and reviewing the platforms' recommendations and helping clients implement them. Read more:

Robo advisors enter 401K, 529 Plan realm in FinTech

Automated investment services are increasingly pushing into managing personal finances in areas previously left to larger brokerages as profit margins narrow. Read more:

Asia’s first Robo-Advisor mobile app to launch in Q3 2016

8 Securities, a leading FinTech firm in Asia, today announced the upcoming launch of Asia's first robo-advisor mobile app Chloe in Hong Kong. Read more:

Fidelity has launched a Robo-Advisor competitor

Fidelity launched its consumer-facing digital investment product Fidelity Go this week. Read more:

Wixifi launches Robo-Advisor to manage consumer finances

Wixifi a digital investment management platform that automatically manages your money for you. Read more:

Morgan Stanley says Robo-Advisors are a major threat

Robo advisers aren't going away any time soon, and the wealth management industry needs to make some changes if it wants to beat them and a host of other threats it is facing. Read More:

Responsive aims to beat the Robo-Advisors with AI investing

Vancouver-based startup Responsive is launching an AI-driven, active management investment service this August. Read more: