Friday, February 3, 2023
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Tag: InsureTech

Blockchain for insurance – the change is here

Insurance has a reputation for being a late adopter of technology, to suffer from a low level of client trust and to have inefficient processes. Read more:

What insurance industry CIOs predict about Insurtech in 2017?

The insurance sector is slowly but certainly going big on leveraging technologies. InsureTech's aims to help insurance companies to improve its services and business operations with better reach and connect with their customers and benefiting them overall. Read more:

17 InsurTechs to watch in 2017

The growing community of technology startups focused on the insurance industry is starting to take the center stage. Read more:

2017 Predictions for InsurTech, Australia D&O & India cyber insurance

Insurtech was an insurance buzzword in 2016 and that’s likely to continue next year when it will permeate almost every aspect of U.S. industry. Read more:

Blockchain to help InsurTech soar to $235bn industry

Juniper Research predicts that revenues for products in InsurTech could skyrocket thanks not only to help from machine learning breakthroughs, but, also, blockchain technology. Read more:

Insurers seek collaboration with InsurTech startups

The growing number of startup technology companies looking to bring latest-generation technology innovations to the insurance innovation is booming. Read more:

The rise of InsureTech in the age of algorithms

The market is ripe, as younger generations are used to ease of mobile apps and one-click shopping, and they want the same with insurance. Read more:

Insurance companies slow in bridging FinTech gap

Many acknowledge the threats and the opportunities of the fintech sector but are slow to respond in time. Read More:

McKinsey weighs blockchain’s impact on insurance industry

McKinsey & Company reports on how insurance companies might be able to capitalize on blockchain, and where are the current limits of the technology. Read More: