Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Tag: IBM

Bank blockchain choices come down to IBM vs. Microsoft

Two tech giants have positioned themselves in a frenzy of blockchain projects and partnerships designed to help financial services firms. Read more:

IBM and Northern Trust debut blockchain for private equity

IBM and financial services firm Northern Trust have launched the “first commercial deployment” of blockchain for the private equity market. Read more:

Visa, IBM partnership is a leap forward for cashless

Visa will be integrating its credit card tokenization technology with Watson’s Internet of Things network. Read more:

Citi launches new “integrity challenge” FinTech programme

Banking giant Citi has teamed up with IBM and its other allies to launch the Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge (T4I). Read more:

Dubai partners with IBM to test blockchain trade finance

Dubai’s government is testing blockchain tech for trade finance in partnership with IBM. Read more:

Blockchain, cognitive computing and cloud to shape future of finance

According to banking and technology chief executives, cognitive computing and cloud are some of the technologies that will shape the finance industry the most in the digital age. Read more:

Yes Bank uses blockchain to ease vendor financing

India's Yes Bank has enlisted the help of IBM for a blockchain project that digitises vendor financing for client Bajaj Electricals. Read more:

Will IBM Watson endanger RegTech startups in 2017?

The history of RegTech may take a hit and course correction as IBM has silently made its way into RegTech this fall. Read more:

FinTech school launches training facility

FinTech School launches its first location in the heart of Silicon Valley to train the Financial Services industry, its service providers and major universities. Read more:

Are these nine startups the next big thing in blockchain?

Online startup program Hacker Unit has partnered with IBM and is shining a light on blockchain’s impending boom by enlisting 9 startups that are using the technology in bold new ways. Read more: