Financial advisors need to remain competitive

A third of investors in a recent Fidelity survey said they would switch advisors if they weren't active technology users. Read more: www.financial-planning.com

Defining FinTech as an opportunity, not as a threat

“Silicon Valley is coming,” warned Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s boss, in a recent letter to shareholders. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

Payments via Apple Pay & Android Pay to hit $8bn

Payments for digital and physical goods made mobile operating system-based payments platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay are expected to boom in the next few years according to new analysis. Read more: www.paymenteye.com

Bitcoin exchange BTC-E and BitcoinTalk breaches revealed

The details of cyberattacks resulting in breaches of user data from two prominent bitcoin websites have been revealed. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

Exchanges call for regulatory clarity over blockchain use

A lack of clarity over regulation is holding back the development of blockchain technology for cutting the cost of share trading. read more: www.reuters.com

VC and traditional insurer interest in InsurTech remains high

Even though venture capital investments in venture capital-backed FinTech companies fell interest in InsurTech startups continues to pick up steam, a new report reveals. Read more: insurtechnews.com

Blockchain tech still not ready for bank transactions at scale

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The 10 biggest fintech VC funding deals so far this year

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InsurTech: A challenge to and opportunity for insurers

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Blockchain to become ‘beating heart’ of financial system

A new report from the World Economic Forum finds that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the way that financial institutions do business. Read more: fortune.com