Saturday, June 25, 2022


Lower cost is key benefit of blockchain

Patrick Laurent, a partner at Deloitte, told delegates at a breakfast meeting organised by Temenos that companies such as Ripple were on top of the game. Read more:

FinTech VC funding on track to outpace 2015 by 36%

Fintech is on pace to best venture capital 2015 fundraising by 36% this year as startups focus on transparency and ease-of-use to disrupt the incumbents. Read more:

Standards bodies embrace blockchain

A FinTech Technical Advisory Group has been established by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) TC68 Financial Services Committee. Read more:

AI in payments: The last mile in efficiency

A new paper from Finextra produced in association with Pelican presents the findings of a recent survey into the adoption of artificial intelligence. Read more:

Co-habitation with banks key to FinTech’s future

Successful fintech companies will be those that accept that rather than taking business away from banks their technologies will be adopted by banks. Read more:

Data analytics: the next move for transaction banking

Detailed analysis presented by Mohit Walia. Read more:

Monthly P2P, marketplace and credit volumes

Lending Times has started a new initiative of publishing monthly volumes of the P2P, marketplace, and alternative credit space. Read more:

FinTech, InsurTech and the millenially-minded

The opportunity in #fintech and #Insurtech is not as young as we like to think. Read more:

Blockchain requires radical change, not compromise

A retro-fitted version of same-old system? That's what blockchain may become if financial firms aren't ready to be radical. Read more:

Blockchain: an experiment in governance without power

Cryptocurrencies aren't just an experiment in monetary theory, but also a radical experiment in decentralized governance, says Ariel Deschapell. Read more: