Friday, February 3, 2023
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Partnerships key to Banks’ Survival

Banks and financial institutions are experiencing major losses in revenue due to the emergence of FinTech companies and service providers. Read more:

88% of global banks sweat over losing revenue to FinTech

A new report from PwC has found that a large majority of financial services intend to team up with FinTech companies in the next three to five years. Read more:

Investment firms slow to become digital leaders

A global survey of 2,000 investors and 500 investment providers has identified three aspects of data that will define stewardship for the digital age. Read more:

Indian Banks misread the FinTech threat

A payment system is to an economy what plumbing is to houses: The only time people talk about it is when it's not working. Read more:

Nigerian retail banking sector to see 92% disruption by FinTech

Retail banking and fund transfers in Nigeria are the two biggest areas that are most likely to be affected by FinTech over the next five years. Read more:

Plugging banks’ $500bn hole

The predictions have been dire. Banks will be wiped out by nimble FinTech firms intent on luring away consumers and corporate customers. Read more:

Industries where FinTech is changing the game

It hasn’t been very long since people like Don Draper were required for virtually all parts of personal and business finance. Read more:

Lloyds: FinTech will shape banking in next 10 years

Lloyds Banking Group Chief Executive Officer Antonio Horta-Osorio made the statement that “low-interest rates and FinTech are the most important trends". Read more:

Traditional insurers forced to innovate in 2017 by Insurtech

Traditional insurance companies are forced to innovate because the smaller and more nimble insurtech companies had reached the tipping point in 2016. Read more:

InsurTech: A challenge to and opportunity for insurers

The insurance industry has remained much the same for more than a century but technology pushes it to change. Read more: