Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Tag: Bitcoin Exchange

Spreads widen at bitcoin exchanges amid Bitfinex banking issues

The world's largest bitcoin exchange by USD volume traded nearly $100 above some of its exchange counterparts earlier today. Read more:

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex stops accepting fiat deposits

Bitfinex has announced today that bank transfers will no longer be processed, just days after the exchange said there will be USD withdrawal delays. Read more:

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex sues Wells Fargo

A lawsuit filed by Bitfinex in Northern District of California federal court, San Francisco division could turn out to hold meaning for the entire bitcoin world. Read more:

ShapeShift nabs $10.4m for digital asset exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift has raised $10.4m in a Series A round led by Berlin-based VC Earlybird. Read more:

Two face trial over bitcoin exchange tied to JPMorgan hack

A Florida software engineer and a New Jersey pastor are expected to face trial connected to the bitcoin exchange investigation. Read more:

China’s bitcoin exchanges impose fees

Smaller competitors moved to impose or increase trading fees yesterday in the wake of a meeting with the People's Bank of China, China's central bank. Read more:

Chinese central bank warns bitcoin exchanges, again

In a public announcement today, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has revealed its warning toward nine local bitcoin exchanges operating in the country. Read more:

Bitcoin exchange volume reached peak levels in Q4

The fourth quarter of 2016 was a volatile period for the price of bitcoin, as speculation climbed and exchange-traded volume reached peak levels. Read more:

Japan’s three largest banks back bitFlyer

Three of Japan’s largest banks are now stakeholders in Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange bitFlyer following its new ¥200m ($1.7m) round. Read more:

China’s bitcoin exchanges slap on trading fees

China's three largest bitcoin exchanges, whose activities have drawn increased scrutiny from the central bank, said they will begin charging trading fees. Read more: