Day 1
14 Feb 2019

Introduction: The Global Outlook for Renewable Energy Investments

  • What are the key trends for renewable energy investors over the next 5 years?

Investor Outlook for 2019: What are the top issues on the agenda for investors who actively allocate to renewables?

  • What continued to be the key drivers for another fundraising record in 2018?
  • What are the most effective sourcing strategies you have seen in this heated market?
  • What are the most pressing political and regulatory concerns?
  • To what extent are investors concerned about bridging the gap between ESG talk and ESG implementation?
  • How important is it to clearly define the parameters of infrastructure and renewables?
  • Will you be increasing allocations to renewable energy over the next 3-5 years? Why / why not?

Assessing the spectrum of renewable energy opportunities

  • How is the surge in demand for US renewables impacting the market?
  • What is the outlook for solar vs wind over the next 3-5 years?
  • Where are the most appealing growth geographies for renewables?
  • What opportunities and challenges have arisen from the post-subsidy environment so far?
  • To what extent will the current turmoil within oil markets and price fluctuations on other traditional fuels provide new opportunities?
  • To what extent are emerging technologies revolutionising the energy sector?

How will the risk profile of renewable energy continue to shift?

  • What is the pricing outlook for renewable energy and how are investors responding?
  • To what extent are emerging political and reputational issues increasing unpredictability?
  • How are managers adapting to losing state support?
  • Has increased competition caused a drift up the risk spectrum? How can LPs ensure discipline?
  • Should certain investors be moving earlier in the development cycle?
  • How should investors determine the appropriate exit options?

How to assess best-in-class managers in a saturated environment

  • What is an LP looking for when allocating to renewable energy?
  • Directs vs funds vs JVs – which factors determine the favoured approach?
  • Are new investment models appealing enough to reduce direct strategies?
  • To what extent do ESG factors provide a competitive advantage for GPs?
  • What are the priorities for first time entrants into renewable energy funds?
  • How should LPs evaluate emerging markets for the first time?

Which sectors are the future of renewable energy?

  • What is needed from a regulatory standpoint to encourage investment into energy storage?
  • To what extent can corporate PPAs play a role in the future of renewables?
  • What are the most promising technologies set to disrupt the renewable energy market?
  • How is battery storage assisting in the transition to cleaner energy?
  • Is current performance in smart grids and energy storage enough to warrant mainstream interest?
  • What does the combination of a rising population alongside improved efficiency mean for energy demand through 2050?

The outlook for emerging markets

  • How are current political relationships between the East and West impacting EM investment?
  • What are the most attractive sectors aside from solar?
  • How do the developed and developing markets within frontier regions compare?
  • What are the preferred deployment methods and/or partnerships?
  • Which are the most valuable lessons you have learned whilst investing in EM?