2020 Agenda

Day 1
19 Feb 2020

Understanding The Catalysts Of Change and When/Where to Invest

  • What are the key trends for renewable energy investors over the next 5 years?

Investor Outlook for 2020: What are the top issues on the agenda for investors who actively allocate to renewables?

  • Will you be increasing allocations to renewable energy over the next 3-5 years? Why / why not?
  • To what extent are LPs divesting from fossil fuels?
  • Which sectors are on your radar over the next 3-5 years?
  • What are the most pressing political and regulatory concerns?
  • How can investors achieve the right balance for their specific requirements between funds, directs and co-investments?

Where are the key opportunities across the spectrum of renewables?

  • What is the outlook for long-term PPAs?
  • What are the most underserved regions?
  • How do European and North American renewables markets compare?
  • How are technological innovations shaping offshore wind?
  • Where are the most appealing opportunities in solar?
  • To what extent are less traditional sectors revolutionising the energy market?

Assessing the risk / return profile of renewable energy

  • How recession-proof are renewable energy investments currently?
  • What is being done to manage long-term merchant risk?
  • To what extent is merchant risk being overpriced?
  • Are the costs of future electricity market price being overestimated?
  • What is the view on technology risk over the next 20-30 years?
  • How can investors do more to measure the impact of renewables strategies?
  • Can renewables survive as an infrastructure asset class in a post subsidies world?

What is driving the latest LP strategies?

  • What are the reasons for an increase in broader mandates rather than specialised renewables and infra funds?
  • To what extent do ESG factors provide a competitive advantage for GPs?
  • How realistic are currently projected returns for renewable energy funds?
  • What are the driving factors behind allocating to a renewables fund vs directly?
  • To what extent is renewables now an asset class in its own right?

Looking ahead – what is the future of renewable energy?

  • When will electric vehicle charging become a consistent part of an infra portfolio?
  • To what extent has the efficiency of energy storage increased over the past three years?
  • What does the combination of a rising population alongside improved efficiency mean for energy demand through 2050?
  • What are the primary technological drivers behind increased bankability of periphery sectors?
  • What is the current sentiment around private ownership of public assets?

Emerging markets – what is needed for the next stage?

  • Are emerging political risks in the West turning heads to EM?
  • Is Asia becoming an overheated renewables market or is there room for more?
  • Are there enough quality fund products to satisfy demand?
  • What are the most attractive sectors in Asia vs LatAM vs Africa?
  • What are the preferred deployment methods and/or partnerships?
  • How should an LP take their first step into emerging markets?