Friday, September 18, 2020

LendingRobot taps blockchain for robo-fund

LendingRobot, the first robo-advisor for Alternative Lending built for individual investors, announced today the launch of robo-fund LendingRobot Series. Read more:

Prosper backs out of secondary market for loans

According to multiple reports, Prosper is shutting down secondary trading for it's loans eliminating a liquidity path for retail investors. Read more:

What alt-lending slump?

This week in B2B venture funding activity, we see the trend change as an alternative lender from the U.S. secured the largest investment round of the week. Is this a fluke, or are things beginning to change? Read more:

China is the biggest market in FinTech – the world just...

China is the biggest market in fintech but the world just doesn’t know it yet. It is true, take a look at the chart above. Read more:

SoFi launches employees benefits programme SoFi at Work

Social Finance (SoFi) is expanding its offering to include employee benefits and financial wellness programme SoFi at Work to reduce the impact of student debt. Read more:

LendingCrowd announces P2P investor joining bonus

Last week, UK-based alternative finance lender for SMEs, LendingCrowd, announced the launch of its new P2P deal to investors. Read more:

Irish alt-lender has interest rate change of heart 

Irish alternative lender Linked Finance launches a new small business loan with fixed interest rate, different than its initial business model. Read more:

City regulator warns on peer-to-peer lending

FCA’s Andrew Bailey says hidden risks resemble some lending practices of Northern Rock. Read More:

FICO offers banks faster SME loan decisioning

FICO rolls out a new solution to help banks and credit unions automate the SME loan approval process. Read more:

Bitbond scoops up $1.2m for bitcoin-based lending

Peer-to-peer bitcoin lender for SEMs Bitbond has raised $1.2m in new funding. Read more: