Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wellthie scores $5m to help brokers catch up in InsurTech

Tech provider for the insurance space Wellthie has raised $5m in a Series A round led by IA Capital Group. IA Capital Group led the round. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

Inzura introduces new digital InsurTech platform

Inzura, a digital insurance technology provider, has launched a digital insurance platform, which it claims will accelerate the digitalisation of the industry. Read more: www.intelligentinsurer.com

FinTech start-ups causing a stir in insurance

Links between traditional insurers and new players are critical for both. Read more: www.ft.com

Technology changing the face of insurance

A glimpse of how insurance technology, or InsurTech, is reshaping the insurance and reinsurance sector, was presented at the 2016 Bermuda Reinsurance. Read more: www.royalgazette.com

The new paradigm of connected insurance

This new insurance approach is based on the use of sensors for collecting and transmitting data on the status of an insured risk. Read more: www.insurtechnews.com

Insurance disruption fuelling customer-centric innovations

Driven by the rapid advances in technology, insurers in Singapore have been taking steps to be more customer-centric in an attempt to retain loyalty and attract new policyholders. Read more: www.businesstimes.com.sg

What SME brokers can learn from InsurTech start-ups

At the UK Broker Summit one thing that struck me was the cynicism among some delegates towards the potential for InsurTech. Read more: www.insuranceage.co.uk

Is there risk in embracing InsurTech?

As insurers rush headlong into the digital scramble, they should keep in mind the proverbial iceberg. Read more: insurancethoughtleadership.com

The policy is no longer the center of the Insurance universe

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the role of the traditional policy by helping insurers actually help you prevent loss. Here's how. Read more: www.digitalistmag.com

Allstate uses drones to inspect homes in Texas

Allstate used drones to inspect over 20 home roofs in an area just outside of San Antonio that was hit hard by hailstorms. Read more: fortune.com