Friday, December 4, 2020

InsurTech startup Lemonade touts 3 seconds claims payment

Lemonade has staked a claim on a “new world record” as its artificial intelligence allowed the InsurTech firm the ability to pay a claim in just 3 seconds. Read more:

RobustWealth announces the expansion of its Advisory Board

RobustWealth, the automated wealth platform engineered for financial advisors,has added four new Advisory Board members. Read more: www.prnewswirecom

InsurTech – can it insure a billion people?

An exciting segment of FinTech is InsurTech, which utilizes technology to make insurance more affordable and accessible. Read more:

BOE asks FinTech firms to help warn banks about cyberattacks

The Bank of England is recruiting FinTech companies to help prevent cyberattacks targeting financial institutions. Read more:

Facilitating the global payments compliance playbook

Flywire looks to facilitate global payments compliance. Read more:

Clinc grabs $6.3m for voice-controlled smart assistant

AI-powered financial assistant Clinc has picked up $6.3m in a Series A round led by Drive Capital. Read more:

Blockchain insurance consortium B3i adds 3 new members

A blockchain technology consortium spearheaded by a global group of insurers has added several new members. Read more:

What’s in Store for RegTech in 2017?

RegTech has been a famous buzzword in 2016 and the industry – banking and FinTech alike – is looking eagerly at 2017. Read more:

MetLife launches Collab, InsurTech accelerator

LumenLab, announced the launch of Collab – a three-month program that supports “product ready” startups. Read more:

Schwab ‘robo advisor’ doubled assets over the last year

Investments in Charles Schwab Corp's "robo adviser" service grew to surpass $10 billion in September, more than double. Read more: