Friday, September 18, 2020


Firm Awarded €2.4M to Test blockchain-powered Shipping

An economic development firm owned by a Finnish city has been awarded €2.4 million to build blockchain-powered smart shipping containers. Read More:

Firm to build post-trade blockchain infrastructure

BNP Paribas Securities Services, Euronext and Société Générale are among the members of a seven-strong consortium. Read more:

Blockchain Coming to Gold Market

Euroclear and itBit plan to super-charge precious metals trading with a blockchain-based settlement system. Read more:

IBM launches blockchain cloud services on security server

IBM has announced a cloud service for organizations requiring a secure environment for blockchain networks. Read more:

US government to auction $1.6m in seized bitcoin

The US government plans to auction over 2,700 bitcoin that were forfeited during several cases, including that of online black market Silk Road. Read more:

South African central bank open to cryptocurrencies

South Africa’s central bank is open to the innovation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Read more:

Bank of England seeks to accelerate Blockchain work

A senior Bank of England official says the central bank's fintech accelerator is looking for new blockchain opportunities. Read more:

Is blockchain the future of global payments?

Ripple (amongst others) promises to disrupt correspondent banking by driving out delay, cost

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Luxembourg fund industry coalesces around blockchain

The Luxembourg fund industry is exploring how distributed ledger technology can be applied to radically transform the asset management business. Read more:

Blockchain startups pair up on currency processing platform

Two London-based start-ups have joined forces on a platform to process currency trades with blockchain technology. Read more: